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What Tax Preparation Software Do Top-Notch Independent Tax Pros Use
 (And Where Can I Get It At A Huge Discount)?
From: Andy Frye
Every year there are some people who “take a look” and don’t take action. Then they come back and we are sold out of the tax software and they have to go pay double somewhere else. Or, they end up with some super-cheap tax software where they charge you for every e-file you send.

Save yourself the hassle, avoid regrets later, and if you feel this excellent, affordable, easy-to-use tax software can help you, invest in your tax season success NOW before this offer expires.

Whether you are just starting out with a tax prep side business, or you're an experienced tax pro looking to scale your business by adding team members, you need a software platform that offers the best ROI (Return on Investment), can grow with you, and has great technology bells and whistles...


Look no further – we got you, Family!

We negotiated the lowest rate on this top-rated tax software because our students asked for the best price and platform.  And now we are even offering a payment plan.  We cannot be more thrilled to offer this exclusive deal to you!

This is going to be the BUSIEST TAX SEASON OF ALL TIME and, with this exclusive deal, we are living up to our motto of "No Tax Preparer Left Behind!"

What makes our software different and great for our customers?
Limited Time Offer
  •  Unlimited e-file
  •  All states included
  •  Top-rated customer support (provided by the software company which we refer to as our 'team') including personalized onboarding and conversion of your previous tax database to the new software 
  •  NEW for this year! Your own Tax Mobile App (branded with your own company information)
  •  Super low cost!
  •  Get 15 years of past year software for the price of one year software!
  •  Ability to add corporation, partnership and trust tax return modules at a very low cost!
Roland Charles
Fast Returns Income Tax
Tampa, FL
"The tech support was great and always came through for me when I needed it."
Awesome Technology, Without the High-Cost Headaches
Are you sick of paying for expensive tax software that has all kinds of hidden fees and the support is terrible?

Our price is affordable for any tax professional, and the support is excellent.

Built on the time-tested, widely-respected CrossLink platform and optimized for the needs of Pronto Tax School members, this affordable tax software is ideal for new tax preparers and experienced tax preparers looking for great tax software at the best price.

More Highlights include:
  •  Paperless office technology
  •  Document archiving
  •  Digital signatures
  •  Your clients can sign tax returns by cell phone
  • Excellent tech support!
  •  Tax software programs not only for 2018 but all the way back to 2004 at no extra charge!
Daniel Peña
El Rey Express Tax Service
Long Beach, CA
"We used to pay thousands of dollars for tax software. This software is better, easier to use, and costs way less."
Choose Your Software Version
& Payment Method
Pronto Professional Tax Software
(INdividual module)
per license
  • Full 1-on-1 Phone Support to help install step-by-step
  • Help importing past client data into new software
  • Top-rated support team!
  • Unlimited e-file
  • All states included
  • Mobile App
  • e-Signatures (mobile friendly)
  • Tax programs back to 2004
  • Add team members at no extra cost (e.g. office network)
  • Easy to upgrade at any time
(individual & EntitY modules)
per license
  • Everything you get with the $549 version, PLUS:
  • Adds the C corporation (Forms 1120) module
  • Adds the S corporation (Form 1120S) module
  • Adds the partnership (Form 1065) module
  • Adds the trust and estate (Form 1041) module
  • Adds the non-profit (Form 990) module
Glen Wielandt
Pronto Tax Business Opportunity, LLC
Santa Margarita, CA
"I have taught dozens of brand new tax preparers to use this software.  Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy to use."
Andy Frye, EA
P.S. Every year there are some people who “take a look” and don’t take action. Then they come back and we are sold out of the tax software and they have to go pay double somewhere else. Or, they end up with some super-cheap tax software where they charge you for every e-file you send. Save yourself the hassle, avoid regrets later, and if you feel this can help you, invest in your tax season success NOW.
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Frequently Asked Questions
"What’s the catch?"
Two catches, actually. 1) This is an exclusive tax software deal only for Pronto Tax School Members. You must have purchased at least one of our online tax courses in order to qualify for this deal. 2) We have a limited number of licenses at this price, and we sell out every year.
"I'm new to this industry. How does tax software work?  Do I purchase it ever year?"
Each tax year is different with different rules the software has to account for and help you navigate.  Regardless of which software you choose, your tax business should account for investing every year on the updated software, in other words each year of software is a separate purchase.  Partnering with a solid software partner year after year at an affordable price is important and that's why we give you 15 years of past tax programs for the price of one year. 
"Is there a way I can download a trial version or demo?"
Yes. You can go here to download it. Just don't fall in love and miss out on actually buying it this tax season!
"What if I am not a current Pronto Tax School Member, am I eligible for this offer?"
While we would love to earn your business, we have reserved these hugely-discounted licenses for those tax professionals who have taken a course with us or been a part of the Pronto Family already. There is a limited supply of licenses and limited time, so your best bet would be to ask yourself if you need some CE hours or other training prior to tax season, and see if one of our Pronto Tax School courses fits for you.  Once you get signed up (even for one of our free courses!) you will become eligible for this offer.
"Where can I watch more live videos of the software in action?"
We certainly understand you want to make sure this software is the right fit for your needs. Please watch these videos if you want more details of software functionality.
"Will you help me convert my client database from my old software?"
Yes. Our tech support team will provide PERSONALIZED onboarding to convert your client database from you old software into your new software. 
"Can I convert my client database no matter which software I have been using?"
Our tech support team will help you convert from your files contained in professional tax software programs. We do not convert client files from TurboTax® or other "do it yourself" tax software programs.
"Do I need my own Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) from the IRS to use this software?"
You do not need an EFIN to purchase or use the software.  You do need an EFIN to e-file returns to the IRS.  If you do 10 or more tax returns professionally, you are required to e-file, unless you fill out an opt-in form.  It normally takes about 45-60 days to get an EFIN from the IRS.
"How much does this software normally cost?"
Normally, the software is $1,000 per year with the Upgraded Business Entity version at $1,500 per year. Not to mention that we get you 15 years of tax software for the price of one year.  We have worked very hard to bring you this offer today!
"How are you able to get the software so much cheaper than regular price?"
We buy in bulk in order to provide our Members with this exclusive deal.  It took us multiple years of negotiation with multiple software companies to arrange this exclusive deal for our Pronto Tax School Members.  We encourage you to shop around.  You'll find out that this is a great deal!
"Why would it benefit me to get 15 years of prior year tax software with my purchase of this year?"
Having a full "suite" of tax software programs all the way back to 2003 is a huge benefit!  This allows you to take jobs preparing "back taxes" which is one of the most lucrative types of work in today's tax industry.  Over 14 million people are in collections with IRS and many millions must file multiple years of unfiled returns--with our deal, you can do that work, all for the cost of one year's software!
"Are there additional fees on a per return basis?"
No. You have unlimited e-file included.
"Are there additional fees for different states?"
No. You get all state forms included.
"Can this software help me set up a paperless business?"
Yes. One of the main reasons we chose this software partner is because they are on the cutting edge of paperless technologies, including document archiving and digital signatures, ability for your clients to sign returns from their mobile phones, and other cool stuff.
"How is the support for the software?"
Great support, including great tax season support and personalized, one-on-one onboarding to help you get the software set up on your computer(s).
"Will it work on my Mac?"
Unfortunately, not this year, no. Unless you know how to install Windows programs on a Mac, which some of you are doing already, in which case, no problem. But of course, that's not something we support, so we cannot recommend it. Next year, we will have full Mac support, so keep us in mind and come back next year.
"Can the software work on a network among multiple users?"
Yes, you can put multiple users onto the software on a network. For instance, if you work with three other people, all of them could work off your software license, as long as all returns are e-filed from one central location.
"Can I download the software on multiple computers, such as putting one copy on my desktop and one copy on my laptop?"
Yes, you can.
"Does the software include corporate and partnership tax return forms as well as individual? "
Yes, if you purchase the version with the business tax module.  Schedule C (sole proprietor) businesses and Schedule E (rental income) are included in the regular 1040 module.
"Can Pronto Tax School provide me with support on this software? "
Our tech support team provides you with ongoing support via email and phone.
"Are there any other charges I should be aware of before I purchase? "
If you use bank products (when a client pays your fee out of the tax refund), you have to pay charges to the bank that handles the transaction, the software company, and the service bureau.

These charges may vary depending on how many bank products you process, but average cost is about $90 per bank product. These charges are standard in the industry anytime you use bank products and are competitive to the bank product pricing offered by other software providers.

There are no charges for regular e-filed tax returns.
"Do you have a money back guarantee on this software? "
Yes.  We are happy to provide you with a money back guarantee anytime within 14 days of purchase (no refunds after 14 days).  No hassle and 100% transparency to see if it's right for you!
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